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Francesca Zappia / Interview to the author of “Eliza and her mosters”

Good evening, dear readers. After a tough debate on Instagram in which we could not proclaim a winner between the review of “Eliza and her mosters” and the interview with the author Francesca Zappia … we can definitively say that, by a vote, won the ‘interview. So here it is. It gave me enormous pleasure… Continue reading Francesca Zappia / Interview to the author of “Eliza and her mosters”

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Reviews february-march 2018 #Summary

Good evening, dear readers. As you know, it’s time for the section that summarizes the various reviews I made in the months of February and March. I remind you that clicking on the title of the book go directly to the review and They should all be from the least recent to the most recent… Continue reading Reviews february-march 2018 #Summary

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“I see you” by Clare MacKintosh / Review

ITALIAN REVIEW SPANISH REVIEW Good evening, dear readers.❤ Today’s review is of a book that I really liked.😁An exciting and engaging thriller, absolutely recommended.😌 A way to make us open our eyes on the dangers of the network and many questions about the people around us. Are they really who we believe to be?🙈 Good… Continue reading “I see you” by Clare MacKintosh / Review

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Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige / Review

SPANISH REVIEW ITALIAN REVIEW Happy Thursday, dear readers!❤ Today, as the scarce sun of yesterday has kindly left us, I increase the dose and I propose the review of🌬 “Stealing Snow”. A frozen and magical story, in a world completely immersed in the snow and in the wickedness of a king with an ice heart.❄… Continue reading Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige / Review

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(Outgoing today) new releases 27 february, 2018

Good evening beloved readers. I had already made an article with all the releases of February, of which I leave the link if you want to take a look, but I wanted to report all the releases of today, which are several! Also some headlines I had missed in the article mentioned, were really too… Continue reading (Outgoing today) new releases 27 february, 2018

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“Lucky supreme” by Jeff Johnson / Review

SPANISH REVIEW ITALIAN REVIEW Good evening, dear readers.😊 These days is coming an incredible cold, what enters the bones, you know?🤧 I’ve been talking about this book for a few days on the social networks, Lucky Supreme, a wonderful crime that I really liked. Obviously if you like the genre I can not recommend it!😉😆… Continue reading “Lucky supreme” by Jeff Johnson / Review

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Good evening, dear readers. Did you think I forgot about this monthly rubric, eh?😌 But no! I simply did not have time between holidays and various commitments. In addition, the other articles take up a lot of space in the days and being behind everything is a race.😅 However, I wanted to give you a… Continue reading REVIEWS DECEMBER – JANUARY 2017/2018 #Summary